Expert Criminal Lawyers & Defence Solicitors

Our criminal defence lawyers and solicitors are recognised as Scotland's best criminal lawyers in the preparation, presentation and conduct of criminal defence cases.

If you have been charged with a crime, or think you are going to be, contact our top rated criminal defence lawyers today.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Glasgow, Scotland

Our criminal defence lawyers & solicitors, who are based in Glasgow, can advise on all aspects of criminal law including:

  • breach of the peace
  • assault
  • drugs offences
  • theft
  • fraud (including benefit fraud)
  • sexual offences
  • attempted murder
  • murder
  • culpable homicide
  • proceeds of crime
  • illegal file sharing
  • criminal music distribution
  • public order offences
  • corporate crime
  • white collar offences
  • offensive weapons
  • sectarian offences
  • football banning orders
We can advise you on funding and are registered to provide legal aid.