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Criminal Appeals

"Not a single week goes by but that I am contacted by an accused and his family who complain that the accused has been wrongly convicted. Please accept that this happens every week. Our appeal court practice is the most challenging area of pratice. Once the trial has gone wrong, it is often too late to complain. It is essential therefore that you contact us as soon as you have any doubts about the conduct of your case, either at the stage of preparation or before the trial."

Gary McAteer, Solicitor Advocate

The complaints are invariably:

  • A lawyer didn't investigate the case properly
  • My lawyer didn't present the case well in court
  • You'll never believed what happened at the trial
  • I didn't think the police could ever do that

We will take on any appeal if we believe it has merit.

The law firm that other lawyers recommend

Having acted in more than 150,000 cases in 60 years in every court in Scotland, the firm boasts a wealth of legal knowledge and expertise, particularly in the field of criminal law, employing creative legal thinkers to interpret the law and provide imaginative legal problem solving techniques.

Our team is led by Gary McAteer. Comprising 4 Solicitor Advocates, 1 Queens Counsel and 9 Solicitors along with qualified support staff, we boast unrivalled criminal defence expertise.

Contact our Criminal Appeal Solicitors Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland

Beltrami & Company are conveniently based near Glasgow city centre but operate throughout Scotland. Any calls to our offices out with normal business hours can be dealt with by an experienced solicitor.

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