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“To Mr McAteerI can’t thank you and Beltrami enough for all your hard work this year. I have finally got my life back. Thank you!” - PMcC

"I met Simon at the lowest moment of my professional career. He was able to provide clarity to an extremely complex set of circumstances. His advice was incisive and his attention to detail was extraordinary. His calm demeanour meant that I was able to concentrate on the issues that really mattered. I am happy to recommend his services to anyone in difficulty."

"I couldn't have coped without the encouragement and wise counsel of Simon Whyte. Nothing was too much bother for him and he showed personal attention in an age of increasingly impersonal technology. His responses were timely and very well argued. In short, first class!"

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Written Transcript:

Gary McAteer: Can I ask you what’s the difference between a good lawyer and the lawyer you had originally?

Client: Well, you’re the good lawyer. The one that I previously, in retrospect, weren’t greatly interested in what happened to me. I felt that they didn’t research if my behaviour was indeed a crime. They didn’t consider whether my police statement would be able to be called as evidence because of the Cadder ruling. I felt they were just quite happy for me to plead guilty then wash their hands of it.

Gary McAteer: What impact did that have on you?

Client: It wasn’t until later when I realised various things about legal procedures etc. that I became concerned about the way they handled my case compared it to the way that Beltrami handled it.

*All recordings are authentic and haven't been rehearsed nor scripted

"I found the level of representation that I received from Beltrami & Co through Alan Gravelle to be outstanding from our first initial consultation to the successful conclusion of my trial.

Throughout an experience which was deeply traumatic and distressing for my partner and I Mr Gravelle maintained the highest possible professional standards and showed an unswerving commitment to my case. At all times I was made to feel that my case and circumstances were the highest priority for Mr Gravelle and he was readily available to me, responding very quickly to any requests for meetings and to other communications.

Mr Gravelle consistently displayed a meticulous attention to detail throughout my case and this, combined with his industry and commitment, was a key factor in ensuring that justice was served for me.

The nature of my case meant that both my reputation and professional standing were at risk, thus this was a highly emotional period for me. However, Mr Gravelle displayed both an impressive level of emotional intelligence when working with me and showed a very swift ability to understand me as a person and thus the most effective way to steer me through a difficult experience.

Mr Gravelle at all times provided us with the best possible representation and service and therefore I would recommend Beltrami & Co solicitors." - BK

“Callum, I am absolutely delighted at your performance and your grasp of the key facts which led to acquittal. I would like to thank you for your professionalism , diligence and excellent defence and would have no hesitation recommending you and Beltrami for any defence requirements. Thanks again”

“Callum, thanks for your work and support with this, your professionalism, knowledge and preparation in the matter were excellent and I would 100% recommend you, your colleagues, and your firm to anyone”

“Gary, just wished to say how much I appreciate your professionalism and support. Especially your humanity.”

"I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for the service and support given to me by Alan Gravelle. I would never have got through this process without his help and knowledge. As you will no doubt be aware there was a decision given of not guilty due to lack of evidence. This was largely down to the professionalism and expertise of Alan and for that I will be eternally grateful. I felt it important to let you know that Alan is a huge credit to his profession and massive asset to Beltrami & Co. Ltd. His professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and I have no doubt he will continue to impact his clients lives in a positive way. Once again thank you so much for your services and I wish you all the best in the future I am just thankful I now have one". 

“Finding myself the subject of an investigation lasting several months, I was left feeling shocked, alone and disorientated. Gary McAteer immediately established expectations and provided reassurance on how to proceed. He continually impressed with the depth and extent of his knowledge of the law and legal procedures, and provided effective counsel with care and wisdom. Mr McAteer demonstrated a client focused professionalism at all times and possesses the personal characteristics of warmth and concern. I would recommend Gary McAteer without reservation”

“Thank you to Callum Hiller and the staff at Beltrami , I cannot thank you enough , Callum did a fantastic job, I was very nervous, I'm so glad I came to yourselves”

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