Why Choose Beltrami?

Regardless of who you are or what you have been accused of, we will never take your enquiry or your business for granted. Beltrami & Company’s reputation has been built across six decades on proudly and robustly defending people from all walks of life charged will all types of crime.

At the heart of what all that we do lies issues of justice and fairness. We exist to give those accused of a crime a voice, regardless of their past, their background, their status in society or the accusation levelled against them. We treat all of our clients with fairness, compassion and respect and offer genuine and sincere assistance.

Being the subject of criminal proceedings is, without a shred of doubt, a confusing and distressing time. The weight of the world will be on your shoulders. Questions about your future, your career, your life, your children and your relationships will no doubt loom large.

That’s Where Beltrami & Co Can Help

Our legal expertise is evident from our awards and our history. What isn’t immediately obvious when instructing a criminal law firm is what experience they will offer to you.

We don’t deal with the law and the application of legal theory. We deal with people. We deal with evidence, with facts and with stories. We know that you are different and that your case is different.

One of the most confusing aspects of a criminal trial is the criminal process itself. Terms like “pleading diet”, “intermediary diet” and “trial diet” aren’t well understood by the public at large. The complex process can add to the feeling that the world is against you. Not only that, but the timeframes can seem excessively long and these can change, often at short notice. Being the subject of criminal proceedings can be a Kafkaesque nightmare. At Beltrami & Co, we help our clients by providing a roadmap for the way ahead. We’ll walk you through the process and help you understand how your defence is best presented. Uncertainty and apprehension can be lightened by clear and prompt communication: we pride ourselves on the proactivity and clarity of our communication.

Get the Right Story Across

In reality, a criminal trial has very little to do with the application of law and everything to do with evidence and facts.  Ultimately, a criminal trial turns on how the Judge, Sheriff and/or Jury interprets the information put before them. By taking the time to understand your side of the story and your evidence we’ll present it in the most compassionate way and ensure a sympathetic hearing. We’ll allow the Court to see your reliability and credibility and fight to ensure that the right outcome is reached.

From the outset, we’ll share the burden with you. Unlike other criminal lawyers, we take the time to listen to YOUR story. This helps lighten your load and helps us get a true picture of what happened. Many convictions and thus many appeals arise a result of inadequate preparation at this stage. Our detailed forensic analysis of ALL relevant evidence, no matter how seemingly irrelevant gives you the very best chance of success.

What we won’t do is patronise you – we won’t sugar-coat your situation, we won’t give you a false sense of security and we won’t insult you with platitudes. Criminal trials are extremely serious and the consequences and ramifications can be grave. Many trials are an exercise in damage limitation. We won’t give you false hope but rather we’ll distil your position into a series of possible outcomes and prepare you for all eventualities. We’ll explore all your options and use our 60 years of experience to guide you.

While it can be difficult to express the complexity of a case from the outset, we will leave you more relaxed, better informed and better prepared for what’s ahead. We’ll tell you what we can and will do – compel witnesses to appear, collect and recover evidence, for example – and help you understand the difference between law and fact.

Funding your Case

In the current financial climate, we know that funding a legal case is an issue for a great many people. At your first consultation we’ll discuss affordability with you to make sure the financial picture is clear. Get in touch now to start preparing your defence.

Your Defence Starts Here

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Beltrami and Company offer a high quality service to all clients, whether the case is legal aided or privately funded. Clients can be assured of complete confidentiality and discretion.

Beltrami & Company are conveniently based near Glasgow city centre but operate throughout Scotland. The firm offers a 24-hour, 365-day a year service for clients in police custody. Any calls to our offices out with normal business hours can be dealt with by an experienced solicitor. Contact us today to find out more.


I can’t thank Beltrami and Co enough very professional, well organised and with out them I wouldn’t have got the true representation I needed.
- CR

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