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Alistair McGarvey

Alistair McGarvey

Having joined in March 2015, Alistair brings expertise in civil law and experience of the civil courts to Beltrami + Co. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh and the Glasgow Graduate School of Law before training and practising with a leading civil law firm for a total of six years. 

With Beltrami + Co, Alistair undertakes a balance of work in both civil and criminal law. Alistair's dexterity takes him beyond the sheriff court and is best demonstrated by having litigated all over Scotland in a variety of tribunal settings as well as in front of professional regulatory committees.

Alistair has a wealth of experience in representing the interests of the small and medium-sized enterprise. He is proficient in managing the broad range of issues which can affect commercial entities in today's market place. He is skilled in matters concerning contracts, employment, licensing, health and safety, payment disputes, debt recovery and much more.

Alistair also exhibits prowess in all aspects of child and family law. He is adept at ensuring that your financial interests and your parental rights and responsibilities are respected by the courts. His practice ranges from contact and residence disputes in the sheriff court and to instructing junior and senior counsel in multi-million pound divorce actions in the Court of Session.

Alistair's interest extends to wider issues which might affect you and your family. He is available to be instructed in relation to property and land disputes in addition to matters such as guardianships, powers of attorney, wills, trusts and executries.

Recent Client Testimonials

"Beltrami and Company were recommended to me approximately 5 years ago, when I found myself the subject of a criminal and professional investigation. Once the criminal investigation was concluded I was referred to Alistair McGarvey, who specialises in professional conduct hearings as I was subject to proceedings on the grounds of gross misconduct.

One of the most unexpected things for me was how complex and legal in nature and language the whole process is and especially the actual Conduct Hearing itself. I would never have been able to represent myself in such a forum. My impression of Mr. McGarvey throughout the SSSC proceedings has been of someone who is very professional, efficient and knowledgeable in this arena.

Mr. McGarvey dealt with all the documentation and legal aspects of my case. He was direct and open about possible outcomes, his view on how the case should be conducted and the costs involved. During the Hearing, he was extremely well prepared, informed and supportive. I could never have managed the process without his representation.

The outcome was substantially more positive than I had originally expected and I retained my registration. This I solely attribute to Mr. McGarvey and his skill in preparing and presenting my case. I am delighted with the result. I would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves subject to conduct proceedings by their professional body." – SS

"Alistair McGarvey provided me with legal services including representation and counsel regarding an investigation by a professional body.

Alistair exhibited an exceptional level of diligence when reviewing evidence and provided sound advice which led to a successful outcome in difficult circumstances. Had I not instructed Alistair I would not be in the position I am today.

I would recommend Alistair to anyone who is facing the difficulties of a legal matter be it criminal, civil, or regarding an investigation. Thanks again Alistair, your help is very much appreciated. " – RC

"Whilst, as you said; you were just doing your job, we want you to know, and perhaps reach a little deeper in your thoughts in order to acknowledge the impact you have had on us and our lives.

On first meeting with you, and thereafter, you were compassionate, caring, genuine, and above all professional and honest. You carried this sincerity throughout every meeting we had, including court attendance and when awaiting decisions by the Judge.

Your endeavors, have kept our family together, and for that we feel truly blessed. Our future now has chances and choices that we may not have had without your efforts." - FM

"We were grateful for the work Alistair undertook in representing our son in a challenging case, where, out of the possible outcomes, he achieved the most advantageous, ensuring justice was done. He handled the case professionally and with considerable sensitivity, presenting a complex background to the incident with clarity." - AA