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Crimes of a Sexual Nature

If you have been charged with a sexual offence, contact us immediately. These cases require skilled and sensitive handling and the preparation of a robust defence. The longer we have to review the facts, the better your chances of success at trial.

Sexual offences cases are unique and require the handling of an expert lawyer. Our team have years of experience in handling such cases and is one of Scotland’s most respected sexual offences lawyers. No matter how complex the evidential issues are or how complicated the issues of consent are, we can help. Accusations of sexual offences should not be taken lightly. The impact of even an unsubstantiated accusation can have long-lasting and far-reaching effects for the accused and their family. Contact us today for expert representation.

Examples of offences you may be facing:-

  1. Rape
  2. Sexual Assault
  3. Downloading child pornography
  4. Stalking
  5. Telecommunications offences e.g. sending sexual messages
  6. Historical sexual offences
  7. Child abuse including historical child abuse
  8. Domestic sexual violence
  9. Offences against the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009

Sexual Offence Defence Solicitors for Glasgow, Edinburgh & Across Scotland

If you are facing an allegation of a sexual offence, it is not just your liberty that is at stake, your reputation is too. It’s vital to take expert legal advice as early as you can. If you are convicted, it may be too late for a successful appeal – in this event, your reputation is likely to be damaged beyond repair and that’s not to mention the consequences of being placed on the sex offences register. We advise clients charged with sexual offences in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee and indeed Scotland-wide.

Defending a sexual allegation requires skilled, mature and specialist handling. Sexual offences require thorough investigation and scrutiny of evidence as well as skilled presentation in court – a lot of time may have elapsed and it may be a matter of assessing evidence which exists only in decades old memory. The majority of cases involve questions of reliability and credibility including issues such as false/transferred memory, collusion, suggestibility and false confession among other psychological factors, all of which require to be handled with the greatest off expertise and sensitivity. Our skilled sexual offences lawyers are more than capable of this. In sexual cases there is often reliance on forensic or scientific evidence. This firm has a host of skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyers to support your defence.

This is a complicated and emotive area of law. There is no time limitation on these types of case meaning they can be brought many years after the event. If your livelihood, liberty and reputation are at stake, trust Beltrami, and Gary McAteer, to help.

If you have been charged with Rape, Indecent Assault, Lewd and Libidinous Practices, Child Pornography Offences or Offences under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 or any other sexual offence, Call us immediately.

Why Beltrami? The law firm that other lawyers recommend

Having acted in more than 150,000 cases in 60 years in every court in Scotland, the firm boasts a wealth of legal knowledge and expertise, particularly in the field of criminal law, employing creative legal thinkers to interpret the law and provide imaginative legal problem solving techniques.

Our team is led by Gary McAteer. Comprising 4 Solicitor Advocates, 1 Queens Counsel and 9 Solicitors along with qualified support staff, we boast unrivalled criminal defence expertise.

The Legal 500 place us in their top tier for crime, fraud and licensing law and note that we enjoy “An unrivalled reputation in Glasgow”.

We are the criminal lawyers other lawyers recommend. No matter how serious an offence you have been charged with, Beltrami and company have the skills and expertise to defend you.

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Beltrami and Company offer a high quality service to all clients, whether the case is legal aided or privately funded. Clients can be assured of complete confidentiality and discretion.

Beltrami & Company are conveniently based near Glasgow city centre but operate throughout Scotland. The firm offers a 24-hour, 365-day a year service for clients in police custody.  Any calls to our offices out with normal business hours can be dealt with by an experienced solicitor.

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